Now is the time to Re-open our economy in South Carolina with precautions!

The deadly COVID-19 Disease has become a national emergency and many employers are figuring out how to respond.  Now is the time for many businesses and office buildings in South Carolina to implement a plan for COVID-19 Sanitizing as we reopen. 

Procore Environmental has been dealing with the messiest things in local businesses and commercial office buildings for many years.  The challenges faced by local business owners and all types of workplaces has become a new front in the battle over the COVID-19, which has now reached more than 90,000 deaths in the US.  Many business owners including restaurants and other types of white-collar companies with commercial offices have never before been faced with this challenge or the level of fear that has gripped their workers.

There are reports of some corporate memos, including those from Facebook, now mention deep cleaning of office spaces and self-quarantining. Face-to-face job interviews have been all but banned by some firms, in favor of interviews conducted by teleconference.


Procore Environmental uses a commercial disinfectant for Covid-19 Sanitizing that is not available at local retail stores.

COVID-19 Office Cleaning isn’t much different from any other commercial office cleaning work we do.  We work from top to bottom, ceiling to floor, cleaning all the touch surfaces. Doorknobs, light switches, cabinets, counter-tops. When we do a door, we’re not going to just clean a doorknob. Because, as we know, you don’t just grab a doorknob. If it’s an office with elevators, computers, desks, we’re cleaning everything first and then using a good disinfectant that’s been recommended. COVID-19 commercial sanitizing companies are breaking out the disinfectant and gloves in hopes of protecting people from the spread of this deadly disease. 

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